About Us / Gallery

The owner of Alpha Tree , Arabella Rammon,  has been in the tree care industry for 5 years.  Starting off on a chainsaw crew working for the Nevada Conservation Corps.  There she learned how to work with a saw and fell trees.  After that experience she started working for Healthy Trees in Carson City.  Now she is the proud owner of Alpha Tree.  

Andrew Krysiak worked for the Nevada Conservation Corps for 4 seasons. After that he worked at Healthy Trees.  He has a five year experience within the tree care industry and is a certified arborist.  

We love trees
 and want them to continue to thrive in the Great Basin.  We abide to all International Society of Arboriculture and ANSI standards for tree care.  We use ropes and rigging techniques to safely prune or remove a tree in a tricky spot.